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The Art of Life Catalyst, LilyAnne Pilgrim, artist, medical intuitive, international speaker and author, is building a movement for abused women to consistently find freedom, peace and success in life.


Having explored art and personal development for over 45 years, she is Certified as an Advanced Teacher of Vedic Art, a teacher of Zentangle (CZT), an Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner, and a F.I.X. Code Practitioner. She has gone on to develop her own Perfect Password, empowering others to regain their personal power through creativity, healing and coaching.


After 4 years of coaching busy professionals to thrive, she has developed a 10-day retreat for those in need of time out, where they can relinquish the past to land in their own truth, power and passion for life.


She has already changed hundreds of lives through her creative process. Could you be next?

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