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I Love
I love painting
I love assisting others in their healing process
I love being a wife, a mother and grandmother
I love empowering myself and others
I love music
I love gardening
I love being in the sun
I love reaping what I’ve sown
I love cooking and baking
I love learning
I love swimming, especially in the sea
I love my life

Butterflies BGRO shutterstock_423042457_edited.jpg
Butterflies BGRO shutterstock_423042457_edited.jpg

Why LilyAnne?

After I’d created my company name and got my new passport and ID... that’s when the
decision came to reclaim my full name, Elizabeth Anne, or LilyAnne. It’s too much of a hassle to change names all over the place, I don’t mind being called what you remember me by.

My passion

Before I had children, I remember I had a lot of ideas about how I wanted to raise my own, if I ever had any. And before having any, I changed country and language, people, places, customs. It was all so different. Having children, I realized that I often fell short of my own ideas and was sad to find that I could not protect my offspring from myself. It was fine when it was good, not so fine when I wasn’t in my best space.

This was a large part of the drive to heal myself so as to be able to free my children from whatever I may have passed on. Through the years, I have found modalities that do this, and most recently some that do so quickly and easily and I am passionate about and happy to share my learning and abilities with those who seek, like me, to find understanding, forgiveness, compassion, joy, ease, and love in all their relationships, and to find ease and joy in all their endeavors at whatever they choose to do.

Butterflies BGRO shutterstock_423042457_edited.jpg

The speedway for extracting parasitic programs that run and ruin your life. No matter the issue at hand, with a series of life-changing F.I.X. Code sessions, you will find greater harmony, comfort and ease in your life.

Read more about The F.I.X. Code and LilyAnne’s sessions here.

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Just peace in my relationships!

It’s been wonderful, so wonderful. Just peace, just peace! There’s not an issue, just peaceful about
everything with relationships and it’s been really wonderful. I can really recommend that you try doing
F.I.X. Code sessions with Anne!

Claudia R

Facing it and moving through

Now that I’ve done some F.I.X. Code sessions, what’s happening, is stuff is bubbling up in our relationship
and we are actually being successful about talking about it. Even though there’s a crunchiness bubbling up
in there, we’re able to go into it and manage to make it through. I can just be there and face whatever
feelings are there.

Annabelle K

Just letting go, no details!

With F.I.X. Code, I finally realized where things came from without having to go into detail. I could just let
go. Such a simple approach! Now I feel calmer, peaceful and my head is quieter, allowing me to find
greater satisfaction at work and in my relationships.

Claire B

emotional code.png

Are you struggling with fear, anxiety, worry? Is life a struggle in general? Do have pain in various parts of your body that just won’t go away? I work with you, permanently releasing emotional baggage, so that you can find a joyous, peaceful, pain-free existence.


Read more about Emotion Code and Body Code and LilyAnne’s sessions here.


Here follows a brief rundown of the modalities I enjoy doing so much that they are a natural
part of my life. They are listed in the order that they came into my life.

If you are filled with a longing to create artistically but believe you are unable, or if you express yourself in any artistic forms but find that you get nowhere due to self-judgement, this is perfect for you. In Vedic Art you rediscover your innate artist, (poet, musician...), finding the inner you, your own true expression and you connect to your own inner wisdom of the workings of life, healing your self-perception. This is a longer commitment to yourself, taking 6-8 days and/or evenings. Offered locally in Swedish and digitally in English.


Combine doing a course with sessions (see below) and get the sessions at a 10% rebate.
Courses: Foundation, Continuation, Texture, Teacher

Read more about Vedic Art and LilyAnne’s courses here.


Vedic Art.png

Many years ago, I worked extensively with the Journey. I still use this modality, if needs be, in particular some of the smaller formats withing the modality. For example, if you are suffering from fear of heights, or have phobias about snakes or creepy crawlies, this is where we will go to get that out of your system for good. These quick sessions take approximately 15 minutes of your precious time.

Read more about The Journey and LilyAnne’s sessions here.



Zentangle has been compared to Mindfulness, as it gives the same level of release from stress and anxiety while creating simple yet complicated patterns in a smaller format. A Zentangle course takes only a day of your time... A wonderful thing to share with your teenager or a group of friends.

Read more about Zentangle and LilyAnne’s courses here.

Anything is possible one stroke at a time.







other modalities.png

These modalities are all a part of what I do. I practiced a some of them avidly many years ago, while a couple others are in the learning process, contributing whenever needed. They are all part of my bank of knowledge and skills, ready to enhance the moment, enrich the
healing and empowering that is taking place.

Read more about other modalities and LilyAnne’s sessions here.

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