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Painted on Michaelangelo special-quality linnen canvas this series began to be created for Art Expo 2018 in New York. Seven pieces were completed, six were exhibited.

At the time when I was asked to produce a set of paintings for the exhibition I was listening to a particular guided meditation fairly often which inspired the theme. I suddenly found myself doing research on angels, checking their colours, gems, symbols and so forth and it was as though I entered into a dialogue with each angel I addressed. Base colours were decided and then the patterns for each were set – some using a sort of stricter mandala form, while in others the forms were freer, following the idea of the string in Zentangle.

These paintings were produced in the evenings and sometimes nights after work so as to be ready on time – a very intensive period stretching from January to April. Oftentimes it was as though a particular painting called out to me. If I took another painting instead, I would find myself not knowing what to do, but if I listened to the call, the flow was immense and extremely rewarding.

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