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I love using texture under my base coats of paint. It always provides a welcome challenge to my creativity. In this case, I have a thematic idea of some sort of bloom – is it a flower, or something else? Is it a worldly bloom or is it from some far-off planet. Feel free to find your own answer! Then that luxurious gold base. Details and shading in red, green gold, phtalo green and burnt umber – sometimes gently subtle, sometimes extravagantly bold. 

These have all been done in my studio

A couple of paintings that don't belong to this series have snuck in here. They belong to their own series, Golden Moments. They have no texture under the base and were begun at Öland when I experimented with pouring and blowing paint. Then I modified them a great deal in my studio, where I was having fun with the other golden series which became contagious.

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