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The larger pieces in this series began at my studio in Norrtälje. It probably began in a spurt of anger and a desire to work it out of my system by throwing paint at a canvas, but this focus changed quickly to a fascination with the technique itself and several canvases were created with backgrounds of thrown paint in different colours: red, blue, green, violet. These were taken to Svibo, Öland that summer and were used as the base for the next level of creativity – leading to two series.

In this series, the larger part of the base is covered with layers of tempera, the paints produced by Curt and Johannes Källman. I found them inspiring and this was also a period when I was fascinated by another variation on perspective, where the main characters of the pieces are not humans, but rather grains, insects, birds with perhaps human activity in the background rather than the forefront. And certainly we need this perspective today if our planet is to survive?

For the moment, I don't have photos ready for all of them. Some are sold. The other series is still in the making, an exciting process!

There are other paintings in this series, represented by two sold paintings here, which are much smaller and done only in acrylics, most of which have been sold.

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